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visual branding

Editorial Photography featuring Mondo Guerra and his fashions

My shoot with Mondo Guerra was my last shoot with MintMale, and it was incredibly involved.  We were at Maxine’s Salon in downtown Chicago.  The actual location was a loft type living space on the roof of the salon, and the stylists were wonderful.  Mondo was going for this”Blade Runner” meets meets slick mannequin look, and I had the models do a lot of stylized poses while leaping in the air.  The eye-visors  Mondo also designed, and the white wigs were shaped by the people at the salon.  A film crew was following me as I was working. Forward Motion Media was creating a mini documentary as a commercial for the salon, and we did testimonials as well on the collaboration with MintMale, Mondo, me and the salon.  To see my Celebrity Portraits of Mondo himself click here. And check out MintMale for additional photos and the upcoming video.

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